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What to Buy in July

July brings lots of great opportunities for smart shoppers to save big after Independence Day. Here are some of the best sales and deals to hunt down during the remainder of this month.

  • Mark your calendar because Amazon Prime Day kicks off July 16. During this 30-hour flash sale extravaganza, Prime members can score exclusive deals on a variety of products. Not a member? Don’t sweat it. Other large retailers will likely offer copycat sales and discounts to get in on the action.
  • School supplies – It may seem like the school year just ended but stores are already gearing up for back to school season. Watch for early sales and get first pick on the supplies you know your student will need. If you can hold off until August, you could see even better discounts then.
  • Summer clothing and swimwear – Now that Fourth of July celebrations are winding down, many retailers are looking to clear out summer clothing and swimwear to make room for fall fashions. Sure, you’ll also find deals next month but most everything will be picked over by then.
  • Home Improvement products – With Father’s Day well in the rear-view mirror, expect to find discounts for tools and accessories at big box stores. While you’re there, check for sales on paint and supplies, with prices usually slashed during the hottest time of year.
  • Outdoor furniture and sporting equipment – Watch for deals on everything for your home and garden. In particular, bulky patio furniture will be discounted as retailers will need that precious space on sales floors for other fall items. This month is also a great time to take advantage of sales on camping gear. Plus, there is still plenty of time left in the season to enjoy these purchases.

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