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Memorial Day 2018 Discounts, Sales & Deals

With Earth Day taking place this weekend, spend some extra time getting your backyard ready for entertaining in the sunny months to come. With a little resourcefulness and elbow grease, you can have your yard shining like the sun, without throwing all your money away.

Set a budget. From the beginning know how much you are willing to spend. Budgets will range depending on if you are doing a quick refresh, with some grooming and trimming, or are you looking to update furniture and replant.

Grow your own food. Keep seeds from fruit and vegetables that you grew in your garden or that you purchased in a store. Allow the seeds to dry and plant the seeds in seedling trays. Keep indoors near a window during the cold months and water them regularly. Didn’t save your seeds last season, ask your friends and family for extra seeds that they may have.

Keep an eye out for garden and yard store sales. Head to your local garden center to look for plants that are on sale due to lack of adequate attention or overstocking. Also, check the circulars for large box stores for sales and deals on patio furniture and garden essentials.

Make your own backyard decorations. Recycle and repurpose household items to create bird feeders, water features, patio furniture, and garden pots. Get creative and have the kids help too. Check out our Pinterest board for inspiration.

Happy Earth Day and happy gardening!

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