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Spring Into Savings

Are you egg-cited for Easter, but searching for ways to save on all the holiday necessities? These simple and practical ideas will leave you more time to search for Easter eggs instead of extra cash.

  1. Avoid buying a new basket or bucket every year. Reuse last year’s basket or decorate an old plastic ice cream tub.
  2. Instead of buying prefilled baskets, make your own. You can save up to 50% when making your basket. Fill your child’s basket with their favorite snacks and cereals. Head over to the dollar store for some fillers.
  3. Don’t waste your time and money coloring multiple dozens of eggs. Drop the number of eggs you are decorating down and replace the rest with plastic eggs that can be used over and over again.
  4. Bake instead of buying Easter treats. Cookies and cupcakes are always the hit.
  5. Find ways to include items your child needs in their basket. This can be as basic as school supplies, socks, sunglasses, or personal care products.
  6. Shop in advance. The best time to prep for next Easter is to check out the discount sales the day after Easter of this year. Candy, clothes, decor, egg decorating kits, and baskets will all be discounted, up to 75% off!

Spring into savings this Easter with these egg-specially simple changes.

2 Responses to “Spring Into Savings”

  1. Gina M

    The se next couple of days are when you should shop Easter. Retailers generally place holiday items on clearance this finally week. The first clearance is usually between 30 and 40% off.
    After the holiday, watch for super clearances. Items will go down in price over the next few weeks. At times, going as low as 90% off.

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  2. Pamela

    I have used all of these tips for years as my children were growing up. Now that I have grandkids, I still “spoil” my children & grandkids as well by filling a reusable grocery bag for each of them with groceries they can use, but normally wouldn’t splurge on for themselves. Items such as favorites sweetened cereals, canned soups with fun shapes, boxed Mac & cheese, favorite cookies & candies, snacks & fruit. They are always so excited to get their own grocery bag from Easter bunny Mimi.

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