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Spring Clean Quickly and Inexpensively

Spring is almost here! Instead of spending time and money trying to figure out how to get those pesky stains and dirt to disappear, follow our cleaning tricks to get the job done quickly and inexpensively.

Lift water rings off wood with a hair dryer on high heat. Wipe down the area with olive oil afterward to recondition the wood.

Clean dusty air vents by wrapping a rag around a butter knife and gliding it back and forth between the vent slats.

Remove pet hair from carpets by running a squeegee over the rug.

Use a dollop of shaving cream on stubborn carpet stains, and let it sit for a few minutes. Then wipe it away with a wet cloth.

Place two denture cleaning tablets in the toilet bowl to remove hard water stains. After you let them sit for two hours, the stains will scrub away easier.

Clean the garbage disposal using half a lemon, some crushed ice, and a hint of salt. Turn it on, and odors will be swiftly neutralized.

Dust blinds with an old sock and ceiling fans with a pillowcase. Mix soap and water in a bucket, and then slip the sock over your hand and dip it in the solution. Run your hand over the dusty blinds, and voilà! Dip the pillowcase in the same solution, ring out the excess and place the pillowcase around the fan blades. Slide the pillowcase on and off the fan’s blades removing unwanted dust and debris also keeping it contained inside the pillowcase.

Clean or replace the AC and heating system. This will help you reduce your electricity usage by 5-15 percent.

Vacuum your refrigerator’s coils. Keeping the coils clean increases energy efficiency, saving you about 6 percent of your fridge’s electric bill.

Install window treatments. Energy-efficient window treatments deflect sunlight, keeping your home fresher and save you money in the long run.

Check your fridge’s door seal. Your refrigerator uses up to 11 percent of your home’s energy, so making sure the seals on your refrigerator and freezer doors are clean and tight.

By following these tips, your house will be cleaner and more efficient in no time.


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