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Keeping Warm This Winter

Keeping your home toasty shouldn’t leave you shivering at the cost of your heating bill. Cozy up to your statement in no time with these easy, money-saving tips.

Dress in layers. Put on multiple thin layers instead of a few large ones. This will make it easier to regulate your body temperature by adding or removing layers.

Open and close curtains. Open curtains and blinds during the day to let the sun in, and close the curtains at night to keep the cold out.

Decorate for warmth. Put flannel sheets on your bed, insulated curtains on your windows, rugs on your floors, and extra blankets on your beds and couches. These functional changes can be both comfortable and fashionable.

Turn your ceiling fans on. Run your ceiling fan in reverse to bring down the hot air that has risen throughout the day.

Minimize the use of kitchen and bathroom fans. These fans suck out the warmth and humidity that could be used to heat your house.

Keep your fireplace flue closed when you aren’t using it. This will prevent excessive heat loss.

Leave the oven open. After using your oven, leave it open to let the warmth spread throughout the room. Avoid this if you have kids or pets running around the house.

Keeping warm without touching the thermostat has never been easier!


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