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The Ultimate Guide To Cleaning Up After Holiday Parties

Holiday season has arrived with decadent gatherings, festive décor, heapings of food and a whole lot of mess. Implement these tips to make the post-party cleaning process quick and easy.


If you’re in the pre-party phase, prep for an easy clean-up process by:

  • Going plastic. Plan ahead this year and purchase nice plasticware for your party. It look sgood and can be tossed when finished.
  • Using a tablecloth. Prevent staining and spilling on your table by placing a tablecloth on top. Toss it in the wash, and it’s as good as new. You can even opt for a disposable one if it makes life easier.
  • Triple-lining the trashcan. This way you already have a clean bag in place when a full bag is removed.
  • Unloading the dishwasher. Before the guests arrive, have an empty machine ready to go for the after-dinner clean up.
  • Lining pans and cookie sheets with foil. It’s an easy solution to toss away crumbs, grease, and drippings.
  • Providing coasters in main party rooms. This will prevent you from having to scrub water rings.
  • Keeping a trash bin in sight. This will remind guests to help with the cleaning process before leaving.
  • Making sure you have food storage containers. Not only will you have an organized fridge, but you’ll be able to pack leftovers for guests to take home.


When the party runs late, all you want to do is put your feet up and go to sleep. Before heading to bed, do these quick tasks to make morning clean up a breeze.

  • Clear the table. Bring dishes to the kitchen, and throw the tablecloth into the washer.
  • Deal with leftovers. Cover any leftovers with foil or plastic wrap, and store in the refrigerator.
  • Start a load of dishes. Get a jumpstart before the morning.
  • Treat any stains or scorched pans. Let the stains sit overnight with the cleaning product. This will make them easier to remove in the morning.

Following these tips, your house will be back to normal in a flash.

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