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Make Thanksgiving More Meaningful

Keep your kitchen open to kids this Thanksgiving, so they don’t feel left out of the festivities. With these three simple tips, they’ll be sure to roll up their sleeves and have some fun.


Have your kids decide on a family-giving activity.

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to introduce your kids to helping those in need. Have your kids generate ideas and ask family members about charities or projects they would like to contribute to. Have them decide whether to donate food, clothing, time or money. Not matter what, it is about getting the family involved and completing it together. Make it a goal to do it by the end of the year!


Let your kids be in charge of decorations.

Give your kids the responsibility of decorating the table, including creating a centerpiece, making place cards or placemats, and setting the table. Pinterest has a lot of great ideas!


Invite your kids to the kitchen.

Typically kids do not get involved in planning dinner because you don’t want to be eating dino nuggets and spaghetti for Thanksgiving. However, you could let the little ones pick one dish to add to the menu. Encourage them to pick a kid-friendly appetizer or dessert that they could make with minimal assistance. There are many recipes online for them to choose from! After the dish is chosen, have them create the shopping list for their recipe. This will make your shopping trip fun and less stressful.

Thanksgiving prep can be fun for the whole family. These ideas get the kids involved, keep them happy and teach them gratitude.

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