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Escape the Black Friday Black Hole

Don’t run for the hills this Black Friday. Instead, tackle it with ease using a few fierce tricks.

Make a Budget Now

Decide how much you can afford to spend this holiday season; this includes gifts for others and yourself. Make a list of your essential purchases. Decide what gifts you need to buy – both the items you have been saving for and ones on the wish list that could be purchased at the right price. Calculate a budget for each item and a maximum amount that you cannot go over.


Check the Circulars

Look at the circulars for your favorite stores to see what’s on sale for Black Friday. Don’t limit yourself to your normal stomping grounds. Check out deals at stores you don’t typically frequent; they may have better savings. Remember to note when each stores’ sales start and end.


Online vs In-store Shopping

Braving the crowds on Black Friday to get exclusive deals is a test for anyone. Is it worth it? Should you just shop online? Online shopping can have a few drawbacks. Online deals can be short and sell out quickly. Also, websites can crash with the increased traffic.

The good news is many stores post their online sales earlier than in the store. This gives you time to compare prices online prior to braving the parking lot craze.


Map Out an In-store Game Plan

Whether you are facing the storm alone or have a team by your side, it is important to plan and prioritize. Check store hours, how long sales last and quantities of items. If there is an item you and ‘everyone and their mom’ want, plan to hit that store first before they sell out. If you are tackling Black Friday with a team, coordinate your lists and disperse to different stores. This will maximize your store coverage and minimize the time you are spending in the storm.


Start Early

Keep your eye out for deals that start before Black Friday. Many retailers have their best deals on Thanksgiving or even earlier in November.


Prepare to Wait

Regardless of whether you live in the suburbs or in the city, you will most likely be waiting in line on Black Friday. Come prepared with entertainment. Download a new playlist, television show, podcast or audiobook to your phone. These distractions will help time fly and prevent you from making impulse purchases.

Follow our lead to save time, money and frustration this Black Friday. Happy Shopping!

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