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Unmask Savings this Halloween

All of the Halloween decorations, goodies and festivities can certainly bewitch you. Break the impulse shopping spell and save this holiday with these Halloween hacks.

Create your own Halloween costumes. Instead of buying forty to sixty dollar superhero costumes, try making them yourself. Search Pinterest for ideas and start digging into your closet for pieces to complement your vision. If you don’t have what you need, ask around. A friend may have that cape you’re looking for.

Want to make a family game out of it? Give each person five to fifteen dollars, and head over to a thrift store. Split up into groups, and try to find things to make a character or custom creation.

DIY décor. You’ve been eyeing that huge inflatable spider at the store. But, are you sure you have the space to store it? Instead of fretting over storage space, create decorations that you can toss when the holiday is over. Use old boxes to make the perfect tombstones. Got garbage bags? Cut them into long strips to make spooky curtains or fill them with newspaper and leaves to create that giant spider you’ve always wanted.

Buy alternative treats.  Instead of giving out the traditional Halloween chocolate, consider giving away non-candy treats like glow sticks or trinkets. Parents will welcome something other than a cavity-prone treat. If passing out candy is a must, consider buying hard candy to save you some money.

Pass on pumpkin-patch picking. Do you love hay rides and going through corn mazes? By all means, enjoy these activities at the pumpkin patch. But, give the pumpkin purchase a second thought. Pumpkins from the patch can be expensive. Instead go to the grocery store and pick up a large pumpkin for as low as ninety-nine cents.

By following a few of these seasonal hacks, you can carve the cost of Halloween before you know it.

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