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How to Throw a Cost Efficient Tailgate

Go! Fight! Win! It is football season – a time to gather with friends for some BBQ and good cheer. Whether your team wins or loses, you can have fun without spending a lot of money. We have compiled a list of the top ideas to save a few dollars on your tailgate party without cramping your style.

1. Invite more people.

When playing football, it‘s about strength in numbers; the same goes for your tailgate. Have everyone chip in a few dollars toward the supplies or have them bring a dish to share. Not only does this help you save money, but it also relieves some of the stress of hosting a party.

2. Go generic.

Save on condiments and other light snacks by buying the generic brand over name brand. Go a step further and buy paper plates, napkins, utensils and cups at your local dollar store. You may even be able to score them in your team’s favorite colors.

3. Purchase what you need in advance and buy in bulk.

If you are going to have a tailgate party in October, start shopping now. Prepping early can save a lot of money because you can be look out for coupons and sales for things you know you’ll need. Also look for deals on bulk items at places like Wal-Mart or Costco.

4. Go the DIY way.

Official team merchandise can be overpriced, especially if you buy it at the stadium. Try making your own decorations, banners and team rally gear at home. If you need to buy team gear, like jerseys and hats, buy them during the offseason or order them online.


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