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What to buy and not buy around the Fourth of July

It may be hot outside this Fourth of July, but that does not mean your wallet needs to take the heat. We have a guide on what you should be buying and not buying around the Fourth to get the most bang for your buck.

What to buy

Patio furniture: The weather warrants spending time outside with a cold glass of lemonade. If you want to relax in style, patio furniture can be found at discounted prices.

Grills: Summer is the perfect time to grill and the Fourth is the best time to get one at a great price. Head to stores like Sears, Walmart, and Home Depot to get the latest and greatest grills.

Appliances: Grills aren’t the only appliances with price cuts this holiday. If you’re considering a new fridge, washing machine, or air conditioner, wait no longer.  These and other major appliances could be up to 40% off.

Mattresses: If you missed the mattress sales on President’s Day or Memorial Day, do not worry. Independence Day is another holiday that offers deals on major mattress brands.

Outdoor goods: A variety of outdoor goods go on sale in July. Pick up discounts on picnic supplies, camping gear, and adventure toys.

Warm weather clothing: Take advantage of steep discounts on winter coats to keep your budget brighter later in the year.


What not to buy

Personal electronics: There will be plenty of deals on electronics this Fourth of July, but we recommend you hold tight. Better deals will come later in the month for back to school.

Summer apparel: A lot of summer attire is on sale for the holiday. However, you can get better discounts in late August and September when retailers are transitioning to fall styles.

Televisions: Retailers typically cut prices on TV’s, but you still get the best deals on Black Friday. It may be worth waiting until November.

Back-to-school supplies: Stores may provide slight discounts on back-to-school essentials, but it is too soon to stock up. It is best to wait for all the back-to-school sales.

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