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April Showers Bring May flowers

It is National Gardening Month – a great excuse to get your hands dirty! But where do you start and what steps should you take to get your garden ready? See our tips below to help spruce up your garden after hibernation.

fa95cd350897f967221911f2af0fb4a6_numbers-google-and-search-on-cute-number-1-clipart_212-472After winter your garden most likely needs a clean up. Start by removing all broken branches, leaves and other debris from your garden.

b991d355b54349661025676ed6e2a08e_number-2-clip-art-clipart-of-the-number-2_307-464Get your garden tools ready for action. Take those tools that have been collecting dust all winter and wash them off with soap and water. As for the wooden handles, use mineral spirits to prevent the wood from splintering. Also don’t forget to sharpen your tool. By filing and cleaning your tools, you will reduce the force you need to cut, extend the life of the equipment and reduce disease transmission through the pruning process.

caa31510-06eb-4df3-af2c-5759c8145182Give your soil some love. Start by turning the soil over with a pitchfork, and rake out any leftover weeds. Then add compost or manure to provide much-needed nutrients to the soil. Wait a week or two before you begin planting; this will allow the soil to absorb the new nutrients.

8cEbenaAiPlan and purchase the perfect seeds and plants for your location. Planning is key to ensure you plant things that will flourish in your climate, give plants their needed sunlight, and keep color blooming throughout the season.

number5_bluePlant and mulch away. Place your seeds and plants in the ground and sprinkle some mulch on top.  Mulch is a miracle worker for your garden. It conserves water, cools plant roots, feeds the soil and smothers weeds.

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