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What to Buy: March 2017

With spring around the corner, savings are practically in your pocket. Here are the best things to buy in the coming weeks.

Frozen Food: March is National Frozen Food month, which means many of your favorite brands will be offering discounts throughout the month. Get ready to stock up!

Winter Gear: From winter clothing to snow blowers and everything in between, it’s thrifty to buy these things now for next year’s use.  Let’s put some extra ka-ching in your pocket.

Saint Patrick’s Day Necessities: During the days leading up to the leprechaun celebration, we tend to see retailers discount the holiday essentials. Selection may be slimmer, but savings will be greater. Try out your luck or score even greater savings after the holiday to stock up for next year.

Candy: Did your valentine miss the mark and forget the chocolate? Not to worry, March is here. It’s a great month to satisfy your sweet tooth. Not only is seasonal candy on sale, but everyday candy also receives major discounts. While retailers prep for Easter, they need to clear out the ordinary candy to make space for marshmallow goodness and pastel-colored treats.

Luggage: Summer may seem like light years away, but that doesn’t mean you can’t prepare for your fabulous vacation. This is the perfect time to pick up a new suitcase or two before summer travel season ramps up and prices skyrocket.

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