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4 Tips to Keep Sane During the Holidays


With family and friends around in abundance, stores in disarray, and the weather as unpredictable as ever, it can be easy to feel overextended and stressed during the holidays. We’re not psychologists, but we do know a couple of things about planning, saving, and organizing. Since a large part of planning and getting organized is reducing stress, relaxing is high on our priority list. Next time you’re feeling on edge during the holidays, breathe in, give these tips a try, and breathe out.

Take a deep breath: Not just any deep breath, however. Learn the art of proper breathing (try this Harvard Health guide to get you started) and exercise it when you’re feeling angry, stressed, or anxious. Proper deep breathing has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety and can even help with blood pressure control.

Step away from the chaos: Sometimes the best solution is the simplest. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the madness around you, leave the situation. Breathing fresh air and changing your environment can help your mind reset.

Be mindful: For some, the Holidays are one of the few times the extended family and long-distance friends can get together at once. When they’re driving you a little crazy, remember to put it in this perspective. Be thankful to have them in your life and to be surrounded by them at that moment.

Let the little things go: Did someone forget to bring the main dish to Christmas lunch? Did someone cut you in line at the supermarket and take the last turkey? Don’t let the things irritating you build up inside. By not letting them go, you let them hang over you like a dark cloud. If you’ve been practicing the steps above, you know you can take a deep breath, step out, or put it in perspective. However, sometimes the best solution is to just let it go.

Happy Holidays from our Key Ring family to yours. We look forward to much more planning, saving, and organizing in 2017! 

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