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Make Shopping Lists with Key Ring

Plan ahead with a shopping list so you’re organized when you get to the store. It’s easy to get started.

Tap the Shopping list icon at the top right corner of the app, then on the plus sign on the top right to create a new list.

If you want to name your shopping list something other than Shopping list, tap on the edit button on the outside top right corner. Rename your list and get started!

As you type, a list of matching products will appear so you can add them with one click. Items can also be added to a list as you browse circulars in the app.

Images will display on your list for thousands of products in the Key Ring shopping database, but you can always take your own picture too. This works great if you are sending someone else to the store and they might not know what to buy!

If you aren’t the only one responsible for the shopping duties in your house, you can share the list with family members or friends. Simply tap the share button on the inside top right corner and select your preferred method of sharing. We will notify you both if an item is added or removed from the list.

When you are ready to shop, pull up your list by tapping the shopping list icon. The red indicator will let you know how many unchecked items still need to be purchased. As you shop, check the items off.

Don’t forget you can always contact us at or on Facebook and Twitter for more help!

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