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Vacation Budget Hacks

key ring app budget friendly vacation tips

It’s almost summer time! Are you one of the 45% of Americans planning a vacation this summer? Regardless of where your trip takes you, save some easy money with these budget-friendly vacation tips.

Drive: Have a trip that’s an hour or less in flight time? Consider driving and saving on airfare and taxi transportation. Calculate the cost of taking your car (maintenance + gas) and compare it to airline and taxi fees once you’re at your destination. Chances are, driving will save you some hefty cash. Make it a family experience by researching your drive on Their handy map will show every kind of attraction along the way!

Bring your own snacks: Pack goodies you and your family can grab and go with while on your trip. This will stop you from making unnecessary stops every time you’re feeling like snacking.

Visit the local grocery store: As soon as you arrive at your destination (and if your hotel or place to stay boasts a mini fridge), visit the local grocery store and stock up on food you can munch on in the morning or late evening. These are the times when you’re more likely to be in your hotel room and feeling hungry. Grab bananas, oranges, bread and peanut butter for a quick and easy everyday breakfast. Even better? Your food budget just got a little bigger.

Where are you vacationing this summer?  



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