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What to buy and (NOT to) in March

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You may be tempted to go spring-crazy in your shopping as soon as the sun comes out, but put the brakes on first and read our March shopping guide first.

Buy: Phones and tablets

With companies releasing new cellphone models in the fall, current and older models should be at rock bottom prices. If you don’t care about having the latest model, you could score a great deal on your next phone.

Skip: Spring clothing

You may be tempted by the beautiful new spring clothing lines making their way to stores right now, but you should resist them until later in the season. These items will more than likely be excluded from sales for the time being, not making them the best bang for your buck.

Buy: Winter clothes and shoes

Winter clothing and boots, however, are another story. With a warmer than usual winter and a spring that’s approaching quickly, retailers will be eager to clear this inventory quickly.

Skip: Appliances

While the warmer weather may inspire you to spice your kitchen up with new appliances, you’ll also end up paying higher prices. We recommend waiting to the fall to stock up on the appliances you need at the price you want.

Buy: Snacks and other sports-related food

With St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, and March Madness all in close proximity with each other, you’ll find more and more great deals and offers on grocery items such as chips, dips, and soft drinks.

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