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What to Buy: February

Key Ring App

February’s halfway over but the sales are still going. Make sure to grab a deal on these items before prices go back up! Here’s what to buy this month:

Electronics: Look for 2 for 1 deals on cell phones, but beware: This deal may be a double-edged sword if you want the hottest new gadget. These phone deals are sometimes meant to clear up space on the shelf for newer models coming out in the future. Also find deals on HDTVs, smart watches and other gift-ready electronics.

Candy: Find candy prices slashed in half (or more) on the days following Valentine’s Day.

Tax software: Not exactly a fun thing to purchase, but February is the best time to find a deal on Tax software. With April’s Tax Day getting closer and closer, February is a great time to catch a deal and still get your taxes done in plenty of time.

Winter apparel: With a milder than usual winter, stores have plenty of winter stock left over. Catch especially great deals on jackets, coats and sweaters as retailers start to clear shelves for their Spring inventory.

Romantic gifts: February is a great time to buy perfumes, jewelry and other gifts for the special person in your life. Find numerous BOGO deals, 2 for 1 specials and free gifts with your purchase.


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