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Coupons for Anti-Coupon People

coupons guide key ring app

Coupons often get a bad rap, but they’re one of the most effortless ways to save money. If you’re an anti-couponer at heart, give this guide a shot. These tips will make coupons so hassle-free and easy, you almost HAVE to save money.

Check the mail (and REALLY check it): Your first instinct might be to aim for the recycling bin, but take a second to look through all the “junk” next time. You’ll be surprised at the kind of offers you’re letting slip by. Whether it’s a buy one get one free offer or a significant discount only available to those on the mailing list, you may be missing out by not paying closer attention to your mail.

Keep good coupons with you at ALL times: When I get great coupons in the mail, I automatically put them in a plastic baggie I keep in my purse or in my car. This way, every time I drop by a store I know I have a coupon for, I can make sure I use it. One trip to the mall with my plastic baggie has saved me $100 AND gotten me a free, no purchase necessary reward from one of my favorite stores.

Coupon rejected? Keep your head up… don’t be afraid to try again: The problem many of us face when couponing is the fear of being rejected at the register. Although rare, this may happen to you at some point of your couponing journey. Shake it off, and don’t swear off coupons just yet. The savings possibilities are endless!

Of course, you can use Key Ring to find great digital coupons at any time, no papers necessary!

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