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Last-Minute Gift Guide Part II: Getting Closer

key ring app holiday gift guide

key ring app holiday gift guide

It’s getting closer!

There’s officially 10 days left until the big day. You’ve procrastinated a little too long to surprise someone with the 12 Days of Christmas gifts, but there’s still plenty of opportunities to grab a great gift. Sit down and take a deep breath: here are some gifts you can still snag in time for Christmas.

A simple DIY gift: You can’t get too detailed with your DIY gift (maybe don’t start building a treehouse) unless you plan to dedicate an extensive amount of time to it, but keeping your gift simple also gives you an opportunity to put more emotional meaning behind it. Think picture frames, a photo album, or a “You” themed basket filled with all their favorite goodies.

An activity: Look for activities you can share together, such as a wine and paint night, cooking class or visit to a local museum. These kinds of events probably won’t be sold out yet and make for a personal experience a material present can’t replicate.

Concert tickets: Concert tickets are an excellent last-minute gift because of how easy they are to purchase and receive. The downside? The show or event you purchase tickets for will most likely have to be in the far future. The upside? Your present will get to be enjoyed twice: first when the tickets are opened and second when the concert is finally attended. Go you, gift genius!key ring app holiday gift guide

Still feel like you have time for something a little more complex? Check out Part I of our gift guide series!

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