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Last-Minute Gift Guide Part I: Start the Countdown

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Santa Claus is coming to town in 17 days… is your gift shopping list done?

Just in case it isn’t (it’s okay, we may or may not still be working on ours) we’ve got a three-part Last-Minute Gift Guide Series we’re excited to share with you every week until Christmas!

This week, we’re focusing to the pseudo-procrastinators. You know who you are- You’ve waited this late in the game to grab a gift, but you’re starting to panic. You may have waited this long, but that doesn’t mean you’re comfortable waiting any longer!

The good news is: If you act now, you may still be able to grab one of these great gifts just in time for the 25th. So pseudo-procrastinators, take a deep breath. Here’s what you still have time to give:

DIY gifts: 17 days is still plenty of time to get crafty and creative. Start your most time-intensive crafts now in order to have time to finish and deliver them.

Anything personalized: Personalization always takes extra time. Whether you’re just picking up the gift at the store or (especially) if you’re getting it delivered, you need to order something like this ASAP. After this week, the odds of receiving something personalized in time for Christmas is slim.

Anything handcrafted: The same rules for personalized gifts apply to ordering handcrafted gifts. Taking into consideration where you are on the shop owner’s order list, production and delivery times, you’ll be pushing it with this one if you wait any longer than now.

Anything popular: Of course anything popular like this season’s “it” toys will be hard to come by, especially right before Christmas. If you haven’t already, purchase these now! Chances are, they may already not be available, but you might be able to benefit from a next shipment if you order on time.

Of course, for the latest holiday deals, check out Key Ring!

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