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Tackling Black Friday Part IV: The Execution

It’s here! The day we’ve been preparing ourselves (and our wallets) for. Because we’ve already done so much of the preparing ahead of time (great job, Key Ring users!), this is more of a last minute review.

Know where you’re going: By this point, you’ve got your lists of sales and your most desired items. If you’re in a group, each member should know where they are going.

Rise and shine (or don’t sleep at all): A lot of sales will start after midnight, so whether you squeeze in four hours of sleep or none at all is up to you! Don’t forget to dress comfortably and be well fueled. A water bottle and granola bar in the bag is never a bad idea.

Make sure you have space for your haul (both in the car and at home, especially if you need to hide any gifts until you have time to wrap them!): A small yet very important deal, preparing your space ahead of time can make the difference between a small haul and a large one.

Keep checking your phone: Check store circulars with Key Ring regularly to catch any last-minute deals. We know you’ve done your research ahead of time, but last minute sales are always a possibility!

And finally…

Be safe! Make sure you prioritize your wellbeing and that of your fellow shoppers. Remain alert, guard your belongings and have fun!

Did you miss our other Black Friday Survival guides? Catch up on The Basics, The Organization, and The Game Plan.

Do you have any other tips we may have missed? Share them with us below!

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