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Key Ring Gives Thanks

thanksgiving key ring app

thanksgiving key ring app

As the time to gather ‘round and give thanks approaches, we wanted to thank you for being a part of our Key Ring family.

We’d like to invite you in as we share some of our personal favorite Thanksgiving traditions.

What are some of your favorite Thanksgiving traditions? We hope you’ll share with us too!

A Football Affair
“All about food and football. Thanksgiving morning, my husband and kids play in their annual “Turkey Bowl”. My husband has been doing this for over 30 years! I stay back home to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (as I have done since I was a kid) and start cooking snacks for afternoon football and sides to take to my in-laws’ for the big dinner. Football snacks include Tortilla Roll Ups, Salami Roll Ups, Cheese Balls and other unhealthy stuff. For the big dinner I am always asked to bring my double-sausage stuffing (a great recipe from Bon Appetit, where I used to work) and mashed potato casserole (a recipe which I sort of made up).”

– Kathy Goodman, Sales Manager

Singing Thanks 
“Every year, after eating a big Thanksgiving dinner my family goes down into the basement and brings out the karaoke machine! It is fun to see everyone (grandparents included!) sing and dance. It’s also a great way to build up our appetite for dessert. My mom started the tradition about five years ago as a way to break up the Thanksgiving main course and dessert, since everyone was always too full to eat dessert right away.”

– Randi Eisenberg, Sales Manager

A Thanksgiving Quest
“My favorite Thanksgiving tradition as a kid was going on scavenger hunts with my cousins. Our grandfather was an expert storyteller and would create elaborate back stories behind the treasure quests. It was the perfect distraction to keep us out of the kitchen so our parents could enjoy peace, quiet, and a nice glass of bourbon while they cooked. My mom was always in charge of brining the mincemeat pie, my grandfather’s favorite and a reward for all his hard work. Years later, I honor those traditions by baking made-from-scratch pies for dessert while sipping bourbon in my grandfather’s honor.”

– Addi McCauley, Director of Marketing

A Cultural Thanksgiving
“My Thanksgiving has always been a little unconventional. Thanksgiving is a new concept to my parents, who were not born in this country. When my brother and I were growing up they tried their best to give us a traditional American Thanksgiving dinner, but my mom would always end up throwing in a Mexican twist, such as a side of tamales or mashed potatoes that were just a little too spicy. After dinner, we usually put up the Christmas tree while watching cheesy Christmas movies!”

– Izamar Loredo, Marketing Coordinator

Traditionally Thankful
“We have a whole day of feasting on Thanksgiving goodness, and then we put up the Christmas tree!”

– Dani Curliss, Customer Service Rep

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