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Tackling Black Friday Part II

key ring app black friday

Have you been paying attention? Leaked ads or officially announced sales have probably started making their way to the news. At this point, we should have a pretty good idea of online shipping deals, offers and times. In-store information is a little more last minute, so we’ll check in on that next week. Make sure you’re subscribed to Key Ring e-mails and followed your favorite store in the app so you’ll receive e-mail alerts of the newest published Black Friday circulars! Here’s what to do this week:

Organize your sales information: Keep a master list of everything you know. This will help you remember where you want to go on Black Friday. Listing sales as you hear of them will also help you feel more organized before the deluge of deals really start flooding in.

Make a wishlist: What 10 (or 20 or 30) items do you HAVE to score this Holiday season? Make a list and order them from Most Wanted to “I’ll be okay if I can’t get this”. This should guide your plan of attack.

Catch us next week as we dive deep into Part III of our guide, developing our game day strategy.

Do you have any other tips we may have missed? Share them with us below!

Catch Part I of the Tackling Black Friday series here

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