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Gather the Gang: Moving the Fun Indoors

The air is crisp, the leaves are falling, and for some of us, the fall chill has started to set in. One of the biggest challenges when it comes to transitioning from summer to fall is adjusting to bringing the fun indoors. Kids and adults alike are spoiled when it comes to fun in the sun, but the fun doesn’t have to stop just because the sun is going away. Whether the little ones in your home are your children or grandchildren or you’re just looking to make more fun for yourself indoors, here are 4 ways to bring the entertainment inside.

Catch your favorite movie at the movie theater: With all the great movies coming out this holiday season (The Peanuts Movie, anybody? We’re excited!) choosing one won’t be a challenge. Save some money by eating RED BARON® Pizza at home before you go and save 10% using Target Cartwheel.

Set up a cooking project: This one is fun for grown-ups and kids alike. Pick a food you’ve never attempted to cook before and make a cooking class out of it! Some suggestions include sushi, pizza, or other cuisines you’re not familiar with. For kids, choose a food that will let them get messy. Cakes, cookies or biscuits are simple yet yummy recipes.

Bring out the board games: They’re just as fun as backyard games, and playable any time of the year. Not into board games? Try puzzles, games such as Jenga or the popular new trend among adults: coloring. Yes, you read that right! Coloring has been proven to help adults relax and unwind. Even better? It’s the perfect indoors activity.

Too cold for s’mores? Try a hot chocolate bar: Get creative and invent your own version of the winter classic! Lay out a selection of ingredients as traditional as marshmallows or as eccentric as pumpkin or chili powder.

What are some of your favorite ways to bring the fun inside? Share them with us below!  


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