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4 Apps to Organize Every Aspect of Your Life

Who knew your phone could become your organization BFF? In the spirit of National Get Organized Week, we’ve compiled a selection of 4 apps to help you get organized in different areas of your life. Tap into your inner organization master and download them now!

Get organized in the kitchen or at home: BrightNest

BrightNest is an all around home improvement app. BrightNest helps you accomplish important home maintenance tasks with tips, a personal schedule and reminders. Find anything from from recipes to cleaning hacks to interior design ideas. Available for both iOS and Android. Free.


Get organized at the store: Key Ring

Of course we had to talk about Key Ring when it comes to shopping organization! With the ability to store your loyalty cards safely, make shopping lists and browse offers and circulars, Key Ring completely organizes your shopping experience. Go from hauling physical circulars, shopping lists and loyalty cards to the store to having everything in your phone and accessible at the touch of a button. Available for both iOS and Android. Free.


Get organized in your closet: Closet Space

If you’ve seen the movie Clueless, you’ve surely admired Cher Horowitz’s futuristic closet. This app makes that closet a reality. Take a picture of all your pieces of clothing, shoes and accessories and Closet Space will allow you to compile different combinations of outfits and even schedule them on a calendar! Available for both iOS and Android. Free.


Get organized with your fitness: 8fit

8fit allows you to describe your body type and choose a body goal. It will then tailor 8 minute or longer workout programs for those of us always on the go.  Get motivational reminders and new workout notifications each day… the excuses are over! With 8fit you can fit fitness into your day any time of the day. Available for both iOS and Android. Free.


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