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4 Tips for Getting Organized at Work

It’s National Get Organized Week! Because organization is especially important at work, we’re sharing some tips on getting organized at the office. Although a lot of these changes are small, they work together to clear your mind and work space. Clear desks, full calendars, can’t lose.

Achieve Inbox Zero: A lot of time the core of our stress at work can be traced to an unruly inbox. Go through your email and make sure to delete unwanted emails, categorize and create folders for important emails, and decrease your unread email count to 0. You’ll be shocked at how much more relaxed and ready for the work day you feel!


Get to know your calendar: Keeping important dates on a calendar will you give you the peace of mind of ensuring you always know when something important is coming. Take it to the digital level by inputting important dates into the calendar app pre-installed on your phone. Set an alarm when you want to be notified of an event and relax a little more with the peace of mind of knowing that your calendar will do all the hard work.

Write it down: Consider investing in a notebook and actually writing down tasks and assignments you need to remember. Studies have shown that you’re more likely to remember anything you physically write down over anything you type up on your computer. Invest in a planner you can jot things down in whenever you need to.

Keep a clean work space: Clean desk, clear mind, right? Make sure you keep your work space tidy- and this doesn’t just mean your physical desk. If you’re embarrassed of showing anybody the clutter on your desktop, it’s time to clean up. Trash anything that isn’t needed anymore and if you need to hold on to everything, categorize it all with folders. Also make sure you give your files obvious names. A document named “Meeting October” is less obvious than “Meeting Oct. 16 Sales”. When faced with the prospect of pulling up a document quickly, your new organization will ensure you find what you need quickly and efficiently.



How do you get organized at work?



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