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20 Ways to Celebrate Frugal Fun Day

Happy International Frugal Fun Day! We love this particular special holiday because it involves having fun while saving money, something Key Ring users are awesome at. We’ve got 20 quick and cheap (or free) ideas for anybody that wants in on the celebration. No fuss. No planning. Just fun… all under $10!

1. Go outside
2. Rediscover your belongings by venturing into the attic or a storage closet
3. Visit a free or low-priced local museum
4. Go to a matinee movie
5. Have a picnic in your backyard or at a local park
6. Make lunch or dinner with your family
7. Throw a board game night
8. Fly a kite
9. Volunteer
10. Go for a long walk
11. Go thrift shopping
12. Start a garden
13. Set up movie night at home with Netflix and B.Y.O.S (Bring Your Own Snacks)
14. Build a fort
15. Redecorate your space
16. Visit the neighborhood park
17. Set up a kickball game
18. Grab some ice cream or frozen yogurt
19. People watch at your nearby mall
20. Ride a bike or go hiking

What’s your favorite way to have fun on a budget?

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