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Does Key Ring Work with Apple Wallet?

iOS 9 users get ready- Apple Wallet has arrived. For those of you that haven’t updated yet, Apple Wallet is the new name for what was formerly called Passbook. The name sums it up nicely. Apple Wallet is an app that allows you to store information like credit cards, concert tickets, and boarding passes on your phone.

What about my loyalty cards? I store those on my phone using Key Ring so can I add them to Apple Wallet too? The answer is yes! Using Key Ring you can send all compatible loyalty cards to Apple Wallet easily.

What makes a barcode compatible you ask? The answer is pretty simple; it must be a 2D barcode format in order for Apple Wallet to display the barcode.

key ring app

Chances are you haven’t spent many hours staring at the barcodes on your loyalty cards lately. Luckily, at Key Ring we get pretty excited about stuff like that. Most loyalty cards use 1D barcodes on their cards. This is why you won’t see an “Add to Apple Wallet” option on many of the cards you add to Key Ring.

However, if the loyalty card is a 2D barcode type, you will see an option to send it to Apple Wallet when you open the card. Just look right below the barcode.

key ring app

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