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Tame the Yard Sale Part II: The Ultimate Yard Sale

You’ve cleaned out the house, organized your yard sale goodies, and picked the perfect day to make some cash and lose the clutter. It’s time to execute the perfect yard sale.

Advertise: Make some signs to put up around your neighborhood and nearby busy roads. Using old yard advertisements for political events (like local elections) or businesses is perfect for this. Just cover the old writing with some fresh poster or foam board and make all pertinent information very readable from a few feet away.

Make it a weekend event: Don’t limit yourself to one day of selling. You’d be shocked at how much more stuff you can unload if you sell on a Friday and Saturday or Saturday and Sunday. If you have a ton of stuff and nothing else to do, shoot for the Friday to Sunday garage sale for maximum selling ability.

Start bright and early: As stated in part one, it’s important to get a move on as early as you can. If possible, stage your presorted items on tables in your garage the night before. That way, you can wake up early and just carry the tables outside.

waking up early

Offer bundle deals: It’s important to have set prices for things (especially articles of clothing) but it’s always good to be willing to take some dollars off if people are buying in bulk. Shoppers might try to haggle even after you tell them you’ve already lowered the price, so letting them offer a lower price first is also an option. It’s possible they might offer you more than you were going to ask for in the first place!

Have your family help: The more people involved, the better. Make sure everyone can work together and everyone knows what items belong to whom. To cut down on the confusion, you can assign a certain colored sticker to each person selling and that person can label their items with that color.

cleaning mary poppins

Presentation: Yes, you are selling old items that have been used. That doesn’t mean you can’t have some level of presentation to your items! Do you have a coffee table for sale that isn’t getting picked up by anyone? Take it closer to the street and stage it next to the armchair and lamp you want to unload as well. It’s surprising how much this can help you clear out some of your larger items. Also, make sure you wipe things down and do some basic cleaning of any dusty or dirty items you are wanting to sell. Some stuff has been stored in your garage or a closet for some time, so it makes sense that they might accumulate some grime.

That’s it! Go forth and make money, you yard sale mogul!

yard sale money

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