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Tame the Yard Sale Part I: Getting Organized

What’s a better way of reducing clutter around the house than to organize a yard sale? Whether you have kids heading back to college or just want to get ready for fall with a cleaner home, follow these tips to get your junk ready to become someone else’s treasure.

Evaluate: How much do you want to get rid of with this yard sale? Inspect every room in your house and give some hard thought into how many times you actually use some of the things taking up space in your house.

Clean out the nooks and crannies: Recruit the family for this one with the promise to let them keep the profit from whatever they sell at the yard sale. Clean every place in your house, even that one closet that’s really full but nobody wants to talk about. Yard sales are hard work, so take advantage of the fact that you’re throwing one to really clean out as much as you can.


Organize: Pick a room in your house that will hold everything you want to sell before the yard sale. Organize your items in similar categories so they’re easy to set up the day of. You’ll want to group similar items with each other at the sale, so organizing ahead of time will make the task easier.

Involve your friends and family: You’ll be shocked at how much faster you get the cleaning done (and how much more you find) when you incentivize your family to help you get ready for the sale. The more family members and friends you invite, the more successful your sale will be! Use friends and family to bring more things and help sell more. Cooperate with neighbors and make it a neighborhood sale.

Check the weather and set a day: Choose a day that’s not too hot. If you live in a sunny state like Texas, start bright and early in the morning to take advantage of the cooler weather.  As the weather gets hotter, have water bottles on hand to sell to yard sale shoppers or encourage the neighborhood kids to set up a lemonade stand.

Next post we’ll be giving you tips on throwing your best yard sale yet. Happy organizing!









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