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The Best Deals in August

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It’s almost the end of summer and definitely time to start thinking (if you haven’t already), about heading out and doing some back to school shopping. Before you form your plan of attack, make sure you:

— Check out our list of best bargains in the month of August.

— Use Key Ring to filter and sort through stores and price deals.

— Check and see if your state is offering a tax-free weekend.

And you’re ready to start dominating those savings!

Dorm furniture: Still need a mini fridge or a set of drawers? Find the best sales on dorm furniture and supplies just in time for college. Look for deep discounts on many basic room needs such as bedding sets and small appliances. 

Backpacks: Score the perfect backpack for the backpack wearer in your life with deep discounts going on right now through the beginning of the school year. Find backpacks priced as low as $10 and under at stores like Walmart. For name brand and sport backpacks, check out sporting goods stores such as Dick’s Sporting goods for some of the lowest prices of the season.

Summer apparel: August is the perfect time to stock up on summer apparel. Stores will begin to bring in fall merchandise soon, so prices on summer clothing are now at their lowest. Look for very discounted prices on shorts, dresses and sandals.

Hold off on phones and tablets: Although it feels like cell phones and tablets should be on sale just in time for back to school, discounts for these products are minimal right now. Wait until the holiday season for the best deals on these particular items.

If what you need is a computer or computer software, this is an ideal time to purchase and find steep discounts. In addition to offers and sales, some electronics will come as bundles or with a free gift, so you’ll get more bang for your buck. If you live in a tax-free weekend state, take advantage of the additional discount that is not having to pay tax on a high-priced item!

Share with us any savings Key Ring helped you score on our Facebook or Twitter page! Happy Shopping!

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