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Back to You: Apps to Improve Your Life

Back to You: Apps to Improve Your Life

The back-to-school season can be stressful, a sign of some impending much-awaited peace or a little bit of both. With the kids out of the house or busy with extracurricular activities, use your newfound smidgeon of free time to improve your mind, body and soul on-the-go with these mentally invigorating apps.


DuolingoChoose from more than 10 languages and the amount of time you’d like to spend learning each day (e.g. 5 minutes a day) and learn a completely new language with minimal effort. (Free on Android and iOS)

Snapguide: Find DIY tutorials, recipes and how to guides for everything from making smoothies to curling your hair perfectly. Users upload step by step guides on a skill they can do well and users can learn and leave positive feedback for each guide. (Free on iOS)


SworkIt: On a time crunch but still want to spend some time working on your fitness? Select your time limit and target any area of your body! (Free on Android and iOS)

Couch to 5K: Get your running journey started with Couch to 5K! This app will gently start you on the path to your first 5K with easy running/walking combinations that increase each day. ($1.99 on Android and iOS)


Headspace: Learn to meditate and truly relax for 10 minutes a day using this beginner-friendly app. (Free on Android and iOS)

Charity Miles: We’re putting this one in the soul category because every mile you run donates money to your favorite charity, and what’s more happiness-inducing than that? (Free on Android and iOS)


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