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Best Time to Buy: Summer Edition

woman shopping

The sun is shining, outdoor activities are in full swing and stores are stocked up with items designed to make this summer the best one yet. While you might want to jump on these hot new items immediately, practicing some purchasing patience will pay off savings-wise. Paying attention to sales around you and knowing the most cost-effective times to buy certain items can help you score them at rock-bottom prices. Because at Key Ring we love to plan, save and organize, we’ve listed some of the most popular summer items and the best time to pounce on the savings. Always keep an eye on the Key Ring Circulars to ensure the best price possible and compare prices as you form your plan of attack. Happy shopping!

What to buy in June:

Tools: With Father’s Day sales come the year’s best bargains on tools. Tools aren’t marked down often. Even if you don’t have an immediate need, it might be financially savvy to go ahead and invest in some of the usually higher-priced tools.

Gym memberships: Summer’s warmer temperatures will inspire more people to take their workout outside, which means better deals at the gym for you. Gyms eager to bring exercisers back indoors will be offering membership deals comparable to those offered in January.

House décor and kitchenware:  Wedding season is in full swing in June and most retailers will have housewares and kitchen electronics on major sale throughout the summer. Eyeing a new set of dishes or a new kitchen gadget? This is a great time to invest in anything kitchen-related before the holiday season.

Other June bargains: Outdoor equipment, Caribbean trips, sporting goods, athletic clothes, paint, restaurant deals, spring clothing, winter clothing.

What to buy in July:

Grills and patio furniture: If you’re looking for the perfect grill, purchase after the 4th of July for the best deal. Although there’s still plenty of summer time left after Independence Day, many stores will begin emptying the shelves in preparation for fall inventory. As the summer winds down, keep an eye on increasing savings on the summer’s hottest outdoor needs.

Summer clothing: Abstain from purchasing summer clothing until mid or late July. This is when retailers will be intent on clearing the shelves and racks for fall clothing. Shorts, dresses, tees and open toed shoes will be sold at generous discounts.

Other July bargains: Home furniture, laptops and tablets (savings increase later in July), jeans, video games, swimwear.

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