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Beat the Heat! Outside Fun on a Budget

With summer in full swing and school out for the summer, thinking of affordable ways to keep vacationing kids engaged and entertained can be a challenge. Luckily, organizing kids’ summer activities while avoiding a major wallet hit can be done with a little creativity and imagination. Check out our ideas and let us know: What are some of your favorite budget-friendly ways of keeping kids entertained this summer?

Right in your backyard getaway: Looking to go explore the unknown on the budget? National parks and local recreational parks can provide a great exploring venue for children and inquisitive minds alike. Visit the National Park Service website for park locations around you. Interested in making the trip a learning experience? The Teachers tab of the National Park Service website has free downloadable lessons and worksheets sorted by subject and grade level.

DIY Backyard games: DIY backyard games can span from classics like cornhole and horseshoes to outside versions of traditional indoor favorites such as bowling. Grab some empty soft drink bottles to use as pins, old wood to set up as an aisle and any kind of ball as the bowling ball. For more ideas, check out our DIY Backyard Games board on Pinterest!

Outside fun on a budget

Outside Cinema: When you feel like you’ve seen every movie the local theater has to offer, why not revisit some old favorites with this fun twist? If you have access to a library, rent a projector and connect it to your laptop or DVD player to project a movie on a white sheet. Another alternative would be bringing an easily portable television outside. Grab comfortable pillows, blankets and popcorn and enjoy!

SAVE tip: If you want to head out to the theaters but don’t want to pay full price each time, take advantage of Cinemark’s Summer Movie Clubhouse which offers 10 select movies throughout the summer for $5 when purchased online or $1 per movie at the box office.

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