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Planning the Perfect Summer Staycation

5 Tips for Planning the Perfect Summer Staycation from Key Ring app.

There are lots a great reasons to opt for a staycation this summer instead of planning a more traditional vacation. Whether you are trying to keep costs down or you simply don’t find the hassle of travel very relaxing, a staycation will help you rejuvenate while staying close to home. The purpose of a staycation is to give yourself time to do something out of the ordinary. Just because you are at home, doesn’t mean you should follow your normal routine. Put the laundry aside and don’t worry about keeping the house clean. With just a little planning ahead, you can ensure that your days are stress free and fun filled. These 5 staycation planning tips are here to help.

Get Up and Get Going

A staycation is more than a week away from work that’s spent parked in front of the TV. Everyone needs some downtime to veg out, but getting outside and moving around is a great way to re-energize too. The chance is there are some local sites and activities that you’ve never gotten around to visiting. Picking one or two spots for you staycation adventures can connect you to your community. Try checking your city’s website and tips for visitors. The information provided for out of town visitors can serve as inspiration for new spots to visit. Look for local festivals and events for extra fun. Another option is to look for local or national parks in your area. Visiting a park can turn into a fun picnic, a day-long hiking adventure, or maybe even a perfect location for an overnight camping trip.

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Rest and Relax

The main reason to take a vacation or staycation is to get some well deserved rest and relaxation. A DIY spa day at home can easily be put together with simple ingredients you most likely already have in your pantry. If facials and pedicures aren’t your cup of relaxation tea, you might try grabbing a new book you haven’t had the chance to read. Find a local coffee shop and enjoy your book with a delicious latte or an herbal tea. You can also head over to an exercise class to sweat it out if that’s your style. Use your staycation to try out a new exercise class. Checking your local daily deal sites or the exercise studio’s website could land you a money saving deal or even a free class pass!

Support Your Local Sports Team

Most cities and towns across the country have a sports team within driving distance. If major league prices seem to max out your budget, look for minor league teams nearby. Often times summer sporting events include other fun activities. See if your local team has special ticket prices for certain games or if they offer fireworks shows or discounted food on certain nights. Being a spectator isn’t your only sporting option. A staycation is a great time to play a round of golf or hit the batting cages yourself. Since your staycation schedule is flexible, you can opt for weekday times when these activities cost less.

Easy Eating

While enjoying a staycation, you should eat as you would on regular vacation. Splurge with a night out at a nice restaurant or take the opportunity to find a new local spot you’ve yet to try. Maybe eating out isn’t your normal vacation routine. If that’s the case, stock up on cookout supplies so you can make dinner a group activity. Other out of the norm options are signing up for a cooking class during your staycation or hitting a local farmers market and letting the farm fresh food dictate what’s for dinner.

Have Fun at Home

While there are many entertaining staycation adventures you can chose outside of your house, your cozy home can be a prime staycation spot too. Sometimes spending quality time with family (without the distraction of day-to-day life), can be the best relaxation. Pull out board games, pick a movie, or dust off old photos. In no time, your family will be talking and laughing, and you will be creating new memories with your summer staycation.


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