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The ABC’s of Price Matching

Price matching is a great way to save money (or stretch your budget further). Most shoppers will go to one or two stores for their shopping trip – simply to save the hassle of driving around town for the best deals. With price matching, you can maximize your trip by paying the low prices advertised at other stores while still shopping at your preferred store.  If you are a price matching beginner, we have the fundamentals for you.


A -Always bring the ad with you

Stores are happy to honor competitors’ prices, but they will need some verification before giving you an adjustment. Make sure you have the weekly ads with you while you are shopping. With Key Ring, it is easy to carry lots of stores’ ads while you shop. Just check out the sales section of the app to see what’s on sale in your area.

B- Be prepared to ask

Don’t be shy about asking for a price match. While many stores do offer price matching policies, not all stores advertise their policies as fervently as Walmart. A good tip is to start your check out process by asking the cashier if they would prefer to handle the price matched items at the beginning or end of the checkout process. Flashing a smile and asking nicely can go a long way too. We’ve heard stories from shoppers who were able to get a price match even when the store didn’t have a price matching policy. All they did was politely ask the cashier or manager.

C- Check the policies before you shop

Being an informed shopper is a guaranteed way to get the best deal. Before you head to the store, understand the retailer’s price matching policy. Make sure you read specifics about sizes and quantities as many stores will only match exact items. For example, if your store sells a 16oz box of cereal for $3.99 and the competitor is selling a 14oz box for $3.49, you could run into trouble price matching. To help you get started with price matching, we’ve rounded up the price matching policies for some of Key Ring shoppers’ favorite stores.





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