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Spring Clean With Your Smartphone

Spring is here and with it comes the ritual of sprucing up your home. Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a chore with these digital helpers. From freshening up inside your house to finally organizing your purse, your smartphone can help you do the job. Throw open the windows, let the warm air in, and grab your phone to get started.

Spring Clean Your Home

Spring is a great time of year to really deep clean your home. Take a quick inventory of what areas of your home need a little extra TLC. While you are at it, you can also set up daily, weekly, or monthly cleaning tasks in an app like Tody or Chorma. The spring cleaning process is much easier when you’ve stayed on top of those weekly and monthly cleaning tasks that sometimes get lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday chores. These chores apps will ensure jobs like cleaning under the fridge or dusting baseboards get done several times a year, not just once every spring. Even better, Chorma lets you assign cleaning and household chores to other members in your family. You didn’t make those messes on your own, so enlist their help in cleaning up.


While you are in spring cleaning mode, a good item to add to your chore list is a closet clean out. That dress that’s been hanging in the back for a few years or that pair of pants you no longer wear might even earn you some cash. Checkout Twice or ThredUp to get rid of clothes you no longer want or that your kids have outgrown. Simply ship your items to these online consignment shops and they take care of selling them for you. Once your item is sold, you get a cut of the money.

Spring Clean Your Purse

Your house isn’t the only thing you own that might need a good deep clean this spring. Your purse could benefit from some digital organization as well. Cut out clutter (and weight) from your purse by organizing your loyalty and gift cards inside Key Ring.


Don’t stop at just organizing your cards. Get rid of those receipts that make your wallet impossible to close with apps like OneReceipt or Expensify. While some of these apps were created for business professionals to track expenses, they work great for personal use too. OneReceipt can even track emailed receipts in addition to paper receipts printed at the store!

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