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Save Some Green with DIY Projects

Spring is the perfect time of year to tackle a few DIY projects around the home. With a little elbow grease and these Key Ring shopping hacks, you can tackle a spring refresh and save some green at the same time!

Start Inside Your Home

Clean Your Carpets – There is no need to pay for a carpet cleaning service when you can rent the same equipment. Your local home improvement store (and many grocery chains) offer carpet cleaners that will give your home’s floors a good spring cleaning. While average carpet cleaning services cost more than $100, you can rent a steam carpet cleaner for half the cost.

Change Your Air Filters– Changing out your air filters will help your home’s heating and air conditioning unit run more efficiently. You receive a double benefit – lower electricity costs and less wear and tear on your system. While you are in full spring freshen up swing, stock up on air filters. Buying in bulk and stocking up on an item you know you will use throughout the year can help save money. Look for special deals online. Often times, home improvement sites offer free shipping or ship-to-store options.

March Shopping Hack

Finish At The Store

Save on DIY Supplies– If you have a significant home improvement project, like updating your front door or adding a modern touch to your bathroom, check for ways you can save on supplies. Reuse centers are a great way to find deals on brand new items. Often times contractors and builders will donate new, unused merchandise in exchange for tax deductions. You can find everything from doors to kitchen sinks at reuse centers. If you have a big room renovation planned, start checking reuse centers early as inventory changes frequently.

Pay Less for Paint– Sometimes a room just needs a coat of paint to give it new life. If you are open to exploring color options, check the returned paint section at your local hardware store. Another shopper’s choice to swap Eggshell for Cottonball could mean significant savings on a gallon of paint for you. If you are looking for a specific color, try buying a sample jar before investing in the 5 gallons you need to cover your room. What looks great at the store might look different on the wall of your house. Testing a small area first could mean bigger savings down the road.

Ask for a Discount– Asking for a discount, especially when you are buying a big ticket item, can keep cash in your wallet. If you will be doing a big project, talk with your local home improvement store to see if they are able to offer you a price break. Often times, they are willing to extend their contractor discount to DIYers that are bold enough to ask for it.

Always Compare Prices– Did you know both Home Depot and Lowe’s have competitive price matching policies. Both home improvement stores will match the price plus provide an additional 10% discount if you can find a lower price on an item. You can learn more about their price matching policies using the links below. Check the weekly sales before you shop (or by using Key Ring at the store) to make sure you get maximum savings.

Home Depot Price Match Policy

Lowe’s Price Match Policy



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