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Spring Garden Refresh That Can Save You Money

Move over winter because spring returns on March 20th. As the grass gets greener and the temperatures warm up, now is the time to get outside and update your garden. These 4 tips will help you achieve an outdoor space that is relaxing but also functional and budget conscious.

Digging The Vegetable Garden

1. Get Organized – Before you start your spring gardening, organize your tools and supplies. Taking stock of what you already have on hand and making those tools accessible will save you time and money. Need some organization inspiration? Check out some of these great tips from The Garden Glove.

2. Use Creative No-Cost (or Low-Cost) Tools– After organizing the tools you have on hand, you may find yourself in need of a few new items for your gardening endeavors. Before you head out to the store, a quick trip through your recycling bin could save you some money. Better Homes and Gardens has 25 tools you can make yourself by simply repurposing old items.

3. Plant Natural Bug Repellents– Citronella grass, lavender, and marigolds are just a few plants that serve double duty. Not only do they bring color to your garden, they also have natural mosquito repellent properties. Include these or other natural bug fighting plants in your garden or in potted planters around your outdoor living space. Having natural mosquito repellent will reduce the number of store bought bug sprays and candles you need need to enjoy the warm weather and sunshine in your backyard.

4. Regrow Foods from Scraps– Did you know that many vegetable scraps can be planted and will regrow? Try propagating your own scallions, ginger, or celery by planting cuttings in your garden. Living Green Magazine has some tips on the best ways to reuse your veggie scraps to build an at home garden.


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