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Planning the Ultimate Family Fun Night

Life is busy. It is easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle without making time to stop and enjoy family time. There are many benefits to carving out time for family night, and they don’t have to come in with an expensive price tag of a night out. Having a family night at home can help to quiet the distractions of the world and provide a good opportunity for families to connect. In fact, a family fun night is the perfect time to learn and laugh together.
It is easy to plan a family fun night at home. After all, the focus should be on quality time and not a hefty price tag for all the fun you will have. Get started by choosing a day that works for everyone’s schedule and stick to keeping that time open. Also, layout some ground rules for the evening. Ditch the cell phone and anything else that might be distraction. This makes it easier for the whole family to focus on laughing and talking together. Finally, pick an activity for the family night. Here are a few ideas to get you started.


Game Night– Whether you play a traditional board game or make up your own “house game,” game nights are sure to deliver a great family experience. Board games are also a wonderful way to teach life skills to kids. Learning and skill building are added benefits!
Movie Night– Pick a movie to watch as a family. Rotate who gets to pick the movie each family fun night. To make an at-home movie night more special, lay a blanket on the family room floor to have an indoor picnic. You can also make the movie experience authentic by printing up tickets and setting up a ticket stand and concession booth.
Karaoke Night– You already hear your family members singing in the shower. Why not make their signature song into a fun family night? Add some competition by hosting your our singing competition. Assign one or two judges and the other family members can be contestants. Invite your neighbors or friends over for more fun!
Nostalgia Night– Bring out the old family photos or videos. Kids love to see themselves when they were younger, and sharing old family memories together can help the family bond. Nostalgia night is also a great way to share family heritage. Talk about your roots and  share little known facts about family members.
Once you’ve selected your activity for your family fun night, don’t forget to plan a meal that everyone can enjoy too. Cooking together could be the family activity if you want! Try having a “Make In” night instead of ordering Chinese take-out, or grab all the supplies for a “Make Your Own” pizza dinner.
Round up your family and think about ways you can spend time together. Then, start planning your next family fun night. If family night isn’t a tradition in your household, there is a good chance that it will quickly become something that everyone looks forward to.


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