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Superstar Key Ring Shoppers Share Their Tips

With the busy holiday shopping season fast approaching, we set out on a mission to find some great tips from shopping superstars that use Key Ring to plan, save, and organize. There were many stories shared that show a smartphone can transform into a personal shopping assistant with a few easy tips. Hear what real Key Ring users have to say.

Planning ahead helps you save both time and money. Your shopping trip is more efficient because you know exactly what you need to purchase (and where you will be shopping). Also, having a plan keeps you from making impulse buys.

Have a Plan Before You Shop
“I am really trying better to #save AND #organize and it takes a #plan to do that. Getting my cards put in this application is the beginning for me. I can use the sales ads to prepare my new couponing skills to keep my cash in my pocket!! What a great app!!!”- Gina L.
Make a List Before You Shop
“I travel for work and not having to carry around all of those key cards is great. It lets me look at programs I might be interested in joining and I love the way it not only sends me coupons for the store I am shopping while I’m right there but it lets me save it for later if I want and lets me set a reminder! It’s also very easy to build lists right from the store ads. Now I carry my key cards, coupons, sale ads, and shopping lists all in one easy to use app…no more juggling.”- Dorothy H.

Let’s face it, you don’t always have the time to plan ahead (or you simply just aren’t the type of person who wants to plan at all). That’s ok.

Check Out What’s On Sale (From the Car!)
“I never have time to clip coupons or look through sales ads so having the offers with my key ring bar codes is why I love this app. I just pull up the offers before getting in the store (in the car), and then shop and save. I still get to save money and time!”- Patti L.
“I love this app! I don’t have to dig around my purse for my cards or the key fob thing. My phone is always available. No coupons to cut out and I get all the sales right there on my phone. Really nice when you have to stop at the store on the way home. You can find sales right on your phone!”- Karin D.

We have even better news for those who are too busy to plan ahead. Key Ring will alert you when you are near a store where you have savings available. It only takes a minute or two to customize your settings.

Take Advantage of Savings As You Discover Them
“I love that it makes a sound when I am in the area of savings! Then I am so anxious to discover savings around me, a great surprise.” – Lisa H.
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