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Top 5 Back to School Mobile Shopping App Tips

Raise your hand if you received an exceptionally long school supply list this year.  We thought so. You probably thought one of two things: “This is going to be expensive!” or “I hope I don’t lose the list again”. Take a deep breath and remember that this is a once a year task and it will all be over soon. The reality of the situation is that shopping for school supplies can get expensive and time-consuming. The good news is that you have a mobile shopping app to keep track of your school supply lists and provide any available coupons or deals that can cut down the back to school bill. Here are a few back to school shopping tips that will come in handy:

1. Put your list into Key Ring, your mobile shopping app, stat

Remember the year you had to call the school to ask for another copy of the back to school list? That was embarrassing. Back to school season is also known as “plethora of papers and paperwork” season. Even the most organized moms can let their back to school lists get lost in the shuffle. The solution? Make the list digital as soon as you can. Luckily, Key Ring is a cloud-based mobile shopping app, meaning that any information you enter into the app is saved as long as you are logged into your account. Goodbye paper list.

2. Share your Back to School lists

Chances are you’re tag-teaming back to school shopping duties with your spouse and maybe even your kids. Share the list with your spouse and kids so that you can divide and conquer while you’re shopping and check items off as you go. Shared shopping lists on Key Ring allow everyone to add, edit and check off items at the same time. You’ll be able to see what everyone has already gotten with one quick glance. No need for calling or texting each other while you’re in the back to school shopping zone. Back to school shopping just went from a two-hour task to a 45-minute task.

3. Check the Offers and Weekly Sales Sections

Retailers are bound to have some awesome deals during back to school season. Check the Weekly Sales section frequently for any coupons or BOGO deals. If you see a buy one, get two free deal, take it! Your kids are always going to need more notebooks, markers and pens. Trust us; you’ll be glad you stocked up later on.

4. Recycle Old School Supplies

Who says notebooks need to be fresh and unused? Rip out the used sections, put a nice big label sticker over the old one and recycle them for this year. Believe us, no one will judge you. (Recycling is trendy right now after all.) You now have permission to cross at least one notebook off the school supply list in your mobile shopping app.

5. Cash in on loyalty programs

Many loyalty programs give you points or upgrade you to new levels as you purchase more items. Why not reap the benefits of having an extremely long back to school shopping list? You may even earn enough rewards points to buy a little reward for yourself.

Following these tips will make this back to school season run more smoothly, allowing you to soak up with summer sun while you still can. Take a look at our Pinterest board for more tips. Still need to download Key Ring? Download the app here.

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