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Spring Cleaning! Tips for Organizing Your Life

spring cleaning tips

Open your windows and let in the fresh air! Dust has been accumulating while your home was locked up tight and warm during the winter months. Spring has sprung and it’s about time for a refresh. Follow these tips to make your home feel fresh and new again:

Clean from the top down

Dust and crumbs fall as fans, shelves, and countertops are wiped down and dusted. Cleaning from top to bottom will help eliminate the chances of you missing a crumb or ruining all the hard work you did cleaning that floor. If you sweep and vacuum last, nothing will fall through the cracks.

Make a ‘launch pad’

Store jackets, backpacks, keys, sunglasses- anything you may need on the go- in the area by the entryway or back door. Buy some hooks and cubbies to keep the area organized and visually appealing. Not only is this a great organization tactic, it will also shave time off of your morning routine. How’s that for killing two birds with one stone?

Tame your drawers

Open your drawers and be honest with yourself- most of them have made a slow transition into junk drawers. Even Monica from Friends has a place to stash her random belongings, so it’s okay to keep that one junk drawer. However, now is the time to reorganize the rest into categories that make sense for you. If you find any loyalty cards along the way, scan them into Key Ring, take a photo, and toss them – there’s no sense in keeping all that clutter!

De-clutter countertops

See all those notepads and weekly sales from newspapers on your counter? Kiss them goodbye! A beautiful vase of fresh spring flowers would look much more attractive in their place. You won’t even miss them because you can make digital shopping lists and browse weekly sales directly on your phone with Key Ring app.

Don’t get overwhelmed

Spring cleaning doesn’t need to be a week-long, 24/7 cleaning-fest that takes you away from spending time outside. Pick a day of the week for each task, dedicate a couple hours towards that task, cross it off the list, and get out in the sun! Gorgeous spring weather isn’t meant to be spent cooped up inside cleaning.

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