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Our 3 Favorite Bloggers for Healthy Recipes

Did you make a New Year’s Resolution to be healthier? Cooking the same old chicken and veggies every night is bound to be unsatisfactory to the taste buds, not to mention all members of your household. Without flavorful recipes, it’s hard to stay inspired to prepare wholesome dishes for your family. However, preparing home cooked meals is the #1 way to save money and eat well. So what’s a Key Ring user to do? We’ve picked out a few of our favorite bloggers to follow for healthy (but still tasty!) recipes to work into your weekly meal plans in 2014.


Gina, author of, is the master of family-friendly recipes that are delicious and still low-fat. If you’ve got picky eaters in the house, this is the blog to follow. It’s hard to tell that these scrumptious recipes are actually healthy!

The Pioneer Woman

If you want a Southern spin on easy home-cooked meals, check out the recipes brought to you by Lee Drummond. The recipes are mouth-watering for the whole family! She even includes a “16-minute” meal section on her website for those of us on-the-go.

Ally’s Kitchen

An award winning chef, Ally offers sophisticated yet simple recipes on her blog that are easy for the average Joe to cook. Check out the “Healthy Recipes” area of her site if you’re looking for healthy audience-pleasers.

Tip: Create a list in Key Ring when you spot a healthy recipe you want to try. Use the recipe title as the name of your list and add the ingredients so that you don’t forget anything!

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