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Top 10 Ways Key Ring has Changed Lives

  1. “I love Key Ring- for its ease of use, the coupons, the weight it took off my purse – no more bulky key clip. It starts a conversation whenever I check out using it. People are always asking ‘what’s that?’, and I tell them ‘Key Ring, you’ve got to get this on your phone’.” – Lynn E.
  2. “I no longer have to shuffle through my ‘card catalog’ to find the right card, usually causing everyone in line behind me at the grocery to start eating the food they were going to buy from the long wait.” – Marilen M.
  3. “Now, I have a debit card, a credit card, a driver’s license, my insurance card, a Costco card, and Key Ring. And that’s it! They say that sitting with a big wallet in your back pocket is bad for your back.  So, thanks for helping me save my back!” – Jason G.
  4. “I can save all my 47 membership and reward cards in one little handy app and always have them with me. That means I have my membership numbers always handy, when I need them.” – Peter
  5. “Using Key Ring has really helped to eliminate the hassle of getting my keys out of my purse.  There were numerous times when I had to get my keys and the physical key cards would get stuck on something in my purse. Now with the Key Ring app I can be more efficient.  I like the deals at the various stores I go to as well. I always have my phone and now I also have a slimmed down key ring as well.” – Tasha
  6. “Before installing your app, I had literally 24 loyalty cards hanging off my key ring.  Now I don’t have any and I can actually fit my keys in my pants pocket. I even have the luxury now of getting a fun keychain as I couldn’t fit anything else on my key ring before. Shopping is still a breeze and I don’t miss any deals or sales. Just a quick few taps on my phone and I’m all set.” – Charles L.
  7. “This was the year I got rid of the ‘Costanza Wallet’ and slimmed down to a slim wallet/phone case. Shopping got a whole lot better now that I always have my cards on hand and I can sit up straight and comfortably. Everyone asks how I can walk around with so few cards and after I show them the app, they instantly download and use it.” -Bryon
  8. “This app has made it SO much easier to shop. Faster too. I don’t have to dig through my wallet looking for the right rewards card.” –Haleigh
  9. “My phone and I go shopping together! I never miss a bargain or miss out on valuable shopping points.” – Leanne
  10. “It really makes it easy to not have to fuss with pulling out the right card from my wallet. Now it’s neatly organized in my Key Ring app.” – George

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