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Top 5 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas (For Him & Her)

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, you might be starting to wonder what gift that special someone will fall in love with. If you’re having trouble coming up with creative ideas, check out our list below. Your significant other will appreciate a little extra something, but don’t forget the essential flowers and chocolates. Make it even easier on yourself by visiting the online offers section of the app to get great deals on Valentine’s Day essentials!

For Her

  1. A day of ultimate relaxation complete with a gift certificate for a massage, a bottle of fragrant bubble bath, a manicure, and a pedicure. Put all of her ‘spa day’ items in a basket and top off the gift with flowers and chocolates.
  2. A monogrammed necklace complete with her initials. Monogrammed necklaces are trendy, unique, and something she probably would not purchase for herself.
  3. Make a homemade coupon book filled with ‘love coupons’ for her to redeem as she pleases. Include movie dates, chores, and even a weekend getaway for just the two of you.
  4. A flower of the month club membership will have her swooning on a regular basis. Why only give flowers on Valentine’s Day when she could get them all year round?
  5. Personalized photo album complete with photos of the two of you. She will appreciate the thought and time you put into the gift (and you’ll score sensitivity points).

For Him

  1. Tickets to see his favorite sports team. A sports outing is always a good idea, and it can double as a date night. 
  2. A golf outing package including a voucher to play on a new course, new golf balls, a pair of gloves. Nothing says ‘I love you’ more than letting him do one of his favorite activities.
  3. A beer of the month membership is the gift that keeps giving year-round.
  4. Plan a thoughtful activity for him later this month that you can both do together. Try to make it something he would really enjoy – a hunting trip, ski or snowboarding trip, tickets to a sporting event, shooting lessons, concert to one his favorite bands, etc. He’ll be excited to spend time with the person he loves doing the activities that he loves!
  5. A monogrammed leather toiletry bag and shaving kit. He wouldn’t purchase these items for himself, but he will appreciate a brand new bag and nice-smelling aftershave.

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