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5 Tips to Tame Your Holidays

Among the holiday chaos, it’s hard to keep track of gifts to buy, holiday cards to send, dishes to bake, and parties to throw. Even the most organized person in the world is bound to forget to mail a gift. There are several ways to stay stress-free and organized this season aside from just taming reward cards. Here are five easy tips:

  1. Keep track of items to return or exchange. During New Years’ celebrations, it’s hard to remember to exchange the sweaters that didn’t fit or that gift from crazy Aunt Sally. Keep a list of items to exchange in Key Ring so you don’t end up finding the sweater you forgot to exchange in the back of your closet.
  2. Scan and store gift cards. Gift cards tend to get lost in piles of wrapping paper, bows, and gift bags. Keep track of the balance and avoid showing up at the checkout counter gift card-less by storing them in Key Ring. (Remember to keep the physical card just in case!)
  3. Organize decorations for next year. Store ornaments and fragile decorations in a drinking ware box. This tactic is great because most boxes that drinking ware comes in have slots that are the perfect size for ornaments. You’ll also save money on expensive storage containers!  Another great organizational tactic is storing lights in Pringle boxes or wrapping them around pieces of cardboard to prevent them from tangling.
  4. Make freezable meals and appetizers for holiday parties. Find freezer-friendly holiday recipes and make them the week before. Just pop an appetizer out of the freezer and bake it while you get ready. This is a quick, stress-free way to bring a nice appetizer that is still homemade.
  5. Don’t forget to send Thank You notes. Make a list of everyone who gave you a gift this year, including the gift they gave you. Storing that list in Key Ring will provide a quick reference if you’re writing thank you notes on-the-go.

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