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Saving Money During Halloween

It’s frightening how much the average American is willing to spend on candy corn, costumes and spooky decorations this Halloween. The National Retail Federation reports that Americans are expected to spend $2.6 billion on Halloween costumes alone this year. The average person spends an estimated $75.03 on candy, costumes and decorations combined. If you have a family of four, that could mean spending around $300 on ghoulish goodies.

Don’t let these numbers scare you away from taking part in the festivities! You can still send your kids trick-or-treating in costumes they love and have enough candy for the neighborhood without going over your budget.  Here are a few tips & tricks:

DIY Kids Costumes. Your kids are probably only wearing these costumes once, so they are not worth dishing out a lot of dough. DIY costumes are also usually more unique and creative too!

Have a Halloween Costume Swap Party This is a great excuse to have a Halloween party and everyone gets free costumes!

Wait to Buy Candy Most stores put candy on sale right before Halloween to try to get it off the shelves. Wait to buy until it’s marked down!

Buy the cheapest candy Kids are excited to Trick or Treat; they don’t care that you have the best chocolate in the neighborhood.

Make Your Own Halloween Décor There are plenty of spooky decorations you can make from items you already have! If you’re stumped, then keep it classy with a few carved pumpkins on the porch!

Follow our Halloween board on Pinterest for frugal DIY Halloween costumes and décor. Remember to create a Halloween list in Key Ring for all your ghoulish goodies. Happy Halloween from the Key Ring team!

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