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How to Take Photos of Your Card

After you click the “create card” button, you’re asked whether or not you would like to add photos of your card. If you chose not to take photos of your card, you might be experiencing a few regrets. Maybe you didn’t feel like taking photos of your card, maybe your card was having a bad hair day; whatever the reason was, it’s never too late. If you did take photos of your card right after you created it and you’re wondering how to find them, the steps below will help you out too.

Here’s a quick walk-through:

Select the card you would like to take photos of from your cards list. Then select the card to show its barcode.

shopping app

shopping app 2

shopping app 3

Now find the “front picture” and “back picture” text at the top of the screen. Swipe to the right to view the front picture. Swipe to the left to view the back picture.

shopping app 4

shopping app 5

shopping app 6

If you haven’t taken photos of your card already, click the “take a picture” button. Follow the prompts to take a photo. Tip: Make sure you take the photos of the front and back of your card on the correct sections.

shopping app 7

shopping app 8

You’re done! Pretty simple, right?  If you’re having trouble adding cards, you can read our user guide here.  You can also follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest for smart shopping tips and tricks.

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